Sunday, May 31, 2009

Knappogue Castle 1994

Knappogue is a decent Irish Whiskey. It's got alot of fire which requires some water to help develop the flavor. I spent 27 dollars (2007)

Bushmills Black

Bushmills Black Bush is a great Irish Whiskey. This is my favorite Bushmills. You can really taste the Cherry Cask in this one. Very little fire and alot of flavor. This was a gift but I think the cost is about 30 dollars. Thanks Alan!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dalmore 12 year

Dalmore 12 is an excellent Highland Scotch. It's a little peaty with a little fire. It's very good. The bottle that I have is from my Assistant Phil. Thanks Phil!! So a price on this bottle I don't have. I've heard that the DAlmore 15 is even better!!!!

McClelland's Islay

McClelland's Islay is GREAT!!! If you want to spend a little bit change for some peaty goodness get this!! This is my everyday Scotch. You'll probable need to add some water because it does have some fire to it. I bought it for 24 dollars.

McClelland's Highland

McClelland's Highland Scotch is good. This scotch has little fire to it and a wonderful taste to it. It costs about 34 dollars.

Sheep Dip

Sheep Dip is a pretty good Scotch for the cost. You'll need to some water to this to get the sweet flavor. This was given to me as a gift 4 years ago. So the cost is 25 dollars (09)

Friday, May 29, 2009

St George Whiskey

St George is a crazy Whiskey. It's distilled from a barley malt mash. Let me tell you it tastes like it! It's not to bad of a whiskey. I would recommend adding some water do to the fire effect of the AC. Let me tell you somethign else it tastes like it was made from Barley. Those of you that are beer drinkers and love beer should try this. I bought this at Big Red for 56 dollars (09).